Track Premiere: Mame by Carlos Cipa


Carlos Cipa is a classically trained composer & multi-instrumentalist based in Munich who has scored music for film, dance, and theater and shared the stage with such neoclassical luminaries as HauschkaÓlafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm, and Valgeir Sigurdsson. His third solo album, entitled Retronyms, is about to be released on Warner Classics and it will be his first full-length release since 2014’s All Your Life You Walk (Denovali).

The album title is a hint that we are about to see Cipa and his music in a new light. A retronym is essentially a new way of seeing something old, a renaming brought on by changes that require new clarity. For example, consider how acoustic guitars were simply known as guitars until the electric was invented. Retronyms emerge out of  periods of advancement and thus serve as markers of growth and development. Spend a little time with the new album and it becomes apparent why Cipa chose this metaphor. It marks a turning point in his album output, fusing established piano and classical motifs with bold new forays into pop, jazz, and electronic music resulting in his most multi-faceted and imaginative work yet.

Recorded at his home studio in Munich over 6 months, the album features Cipa on piano, a variety of keyboard instruments, and analog synthesizers engaging in dialog with a diverse ensemble of guest musicians including Sina Herbst, Christopher Mann, Dieter Dolezel, Teresa Allgaier, Sebastian Selke, Martin Brugger, and Matthias Lindermayr, who were asked sometimes to improvise and sometimes to take on unconventional roles. For those familiar with Cipa’s earlier recordings, Retronyms will be an exhilarating revelation that finds passages as beautiful as any he has recorded juxtaposed with improvisational elements and experimental techniques in captivating fashion.

“Taking the idea of a small chamber ensemble, Carlos collaborated with varying musicians to create this album. Asking Jazz players to stick to a score, and classical players to improvise, the experimentation and collaboration leads to an intriguing texture and radiates visceral liveliness across the album.” – Warner Classics

LinksListen and Buy | Warner Classics | Carlos Cipa

Here in an exclusive premiere is a one of the record’s shorter pieces.  On the album, “mame” is sandwiched between the 13-minute epic “senna’s joy” and the haunting beauty of “and she was”, a fleeting turn of Retronyms‘ kaledioscopic wheel featuring Cipa’s piano cut into shards of pulsating, shimmering light.  It is a small taste of the inventiveness that permeates the whole record.

Retronyms will be available beginning August 23, 3019 from Warner Classics on vinyl LP, CD, and digital. Carlos will also be touring this fall across Europe in a series of live ensemble performances of music from the album.


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