Track Premiere: Response One from Entangled by Matthew Whiteside


Matthew Whiteside is a composer, collaborator, sound designer & concert producer based in Glasgow. His newest album slated for release later this month is entitled Entangled, a reference to a phenomenon of the quantum realm in which groups of particles are said to share a state and influence each other even when spatially separated, a paradox Einstein famously called “spooky action at a distance”. The music for the album was actually commissioned by the Institute of Physics and specifically explores the theoretical work of physicist John Stewart Bell who, as it turns out, is the composer’s great uncle.

The centerpiece of the Entangled is Quartet no. 4 which is divided into three movements (Waves, Spooky Action and Spinning), each a response to different facets of the Bell’s work. It also features Quartets No. 5 and No. 6 (Ma) each of which focus on aspects of physics in nature, the former being a spectral piece exploring microtonal sound world and the latter taking its inspiration from the physical representation of wind chimes. In addition, Whiteside recorded a spellbinding electroacoustic response to the latter quartet which you can hear in this exclusive preview.

Link: Bandcamp (CD/digital) | Matthew Whiteside website

Entangled will be released on CD and digital on October 25 and features performances by the Aurea Quartet (Julian Azkoul, Rosemary Attree, Christine Anderson, and Abby Hayward). It is also worth noting that Whiteside is CEO and artistic director of ‘The Night With…’, a concert series that presents contemporary new music in intimate, informal venues across Scotland and Northern Ireland providing development and commissioning opportunities for young and emerging composers.