Through a Musical Lens: Healing by Anna Salzmann & Garreth Broke


The  partnership of visual artist Anna Salzmann and composer/musician Garreth Brooke (aka Garreth Broke) has always been a special one both personally and creatively. Their latest work together is entitled Healing and combines 11 abstract artworks by Anna with 25 minutes of piano music by Garreth which seeks to explore this complex and sometimes contradictory emotional process from several perspectives.

Healing explores the complex, not always linear process of healing. Any struggle is full of contradictions: there are moments of pain and relief, tension and release, opacity and clarity. Part of what made Anna and I fall in love with each other was a shared need to create, whether that was art or music, and a recognition that we were both creating in order to heal. Like all couples, we have old wounds, whether they be physical or mental. We’ve found that the act of creation/healing is far more powerful when working together because it forces us to listen more carefully, to act more wisely, to strive to find workable compromises.” – Garreth

In art as in life, Anna and Garreth prove to be ideal complements for one another as can be seen in this video premiere of the touching opening sequence of the album (“Intro”/”Hiding”) accompanied by Anna’s striking watercolor & ink images in motion.


As the album unfolds, so does an arc of grief and recovery which peaks with the poignant title track and the joyous release of “Cave-Mind-Clear” which concludes the album. Without words, Garreth & Anna speak volumes with eloquence, kindness, and deep understanding.

Links: Bandcamp | Anna Salzmann | Garreth Broke

Healing comes out on 25th October in conjunction an art exhibition and performance in Frankfurt and the digital release of the album on the 1631 Recordings imprint and other popular streaming services. The sheet music is also available for purchase from Editions Musica Ferrum.


“To seek to heal is to be human. Everyone suffers grief, loss, and fear. Everyone feels pain. Although this project came from us, it is not about us. The strength of any person comes from their willingness to confront the darkest moments, to accept reality for what it is and to choose to move forward. We live in a world that increasingly shies away from the difficult, in which we focus blindly on the positive and hide in echo chambers speaking only to those who share the same opinion. Our society needs to heal. We hope we’ve created a space where that healing can take place”. – Garreth