Premiere: “Monument” by Still Life

Still_Life_Press_ImageProvidence, RI-based composer/producer Daniel Fine is poised to release his sophomore full-length album under the moniker of still life next month on Hush Hush Records, a Seattle-based label curated by KEXP-FM DJ & Pacific Notions show host Alex Ruder. ‘for a long time time i went to bed early‘ is a kaleidoscopic montage of reflection and memory that revolves around crystalline piano lines, prismatic textures, shimmering electronics, cinematic vignettes featuring strings and trumpet, euphoric post-rock crescendos, samples, found sounds, and spoken word.  The constant shifting of mood, pace, and color is reflective of life itself exactly as Fine intended when he started working on the album.

“This album has been a project that’s consumed my life since January of this year and has served as a sort of “emotional grounding” as I’ve gone through a lot of big changes in my life. It’s full of really quiet and really loud moments, messy moments, somber moments, joyous moments, and everything in between. It’s a bit lo-fi, a bit noisy – it’s a bit of a diary for all of my thoughts and emotions and places I’ve been and experienced.” – Daniel Fine aka still life

The album flows so seamlessly from track to track that to start anywhere but from the beginning is to hop on a moving carousel so to speak. Perhaps as good a place to dive in as any, however, is “MONUMENT” which is featured here in an exclusive preview.  From the opening sound clip to the lush ambient textures, the beautiful violin interlude, and the effervescent outro, the piece encompasses the varied threads that run throughout the whole record in three beautiful minutes which should be more than enough to whet the appetite for the full release.

LinksHush Hush Bandcamp (tape/DL)  |  still life

For a long time I went to bed early will be released digitally beginning January 10, 2020 with a 6-panel cassette edition set to ship on or around Feb 1 featuring concept & design by Fine himself and poetry & artwork by Emilee Brecht.