Video Premiere: All I’ve Said by Mike Lazarev


“it was unspoken, hence unheard
unwritten, and in turn unread
but in between each silent word
i have resigned to all i’ve said”

“All I’ve Said” is the sixth and final entry in Moderna Record’s Fall Single Series, a collection of minimalist piano-centered pieces by a globe-spanning roster of musicians: Jacob David (Denmark), Hiroco.M (Japan), Adam Daudrich (Canada), n-So (US), Richard Luke (Scotland), and ending with Mike Lazarev (England). In addition to being editor-in-chief of Headphone Commute, one of the leading online magazines covering ambient, experimental, & instrumental music, Mike is a London based composer & pianist with who has released solo albums on 1631 Recordings as well as a stellar collaboration with Uwe Zahn (aka Arovane) for the Eilean Records project just this past summer.

To cap off this beautiful conclusion to the series, Mike collaborated with Jessie Rodger, a visual artist & director from South Wales who specializes in filming music & dance, and Greek freelance dancer Nancy Nerantzi to create a captivating video against the dramatic background of the Cornish coast. Less than three minutes tick away on the clock before it comes to end, but the tender melody, stunning cinematography, and expressive choreography come together to create a moment that lives outside of time.

“The video is a collaboration between director Jessie Rodger, Rambert dancer Nancy Nerantzi and composer Mike Lazarev. We shot at first light on a beach in North Cornwall (England), and Nancy responded to the story of the track and the location. We had an hour window to shoot from first light through to sunrise as we wanted to capture that very specific light as the day breaks – it was a race against the sun and the biting sea air. The weather held for us in the end and Nancy brought a rawness of emotion and honesty to the video that captivated the whole team. We hope the beauty of that short moment in time on the Cornish coast translates into our video.”

Links:   BandcampModerna Records Jessie Rodger  |  Headphone Commute