Video Premiere: Dreamery by Merganzer

Merganzer_Montage_artA member of Canadian music group Timber Timbre from 2008-2012 and a part of Agnes Obel‘s touring band from 2013-2014, Mika Posen records her solo work under the name of Merganzer. Her new album Montage released on So Sorry Records last October is a spellbinding collection of painterly vignettes and neoclassical reveries which Posen wrote primarily during a residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point on Toronto Island in 2015. On the album, she employs violin, viola, cello, piano, and effects to realize her own musical visions which she characterizes as “a rumination about place and self, an atmospheric rendition of transition, and an impression of the idea of home”.

In this special video premiere, filmmaker Matthieu Hallé brings to life one of the albums more evocative tracks, the hypnagogic “Dreamery”.  Though both artists live far north in Ottawa, the footage was shot in the wetlands of Florida where the secluded mangroves, gnarled cypresses, and waving underwater grasses take on a surreal out-of-time quality through Hallé’s lens that perfectly complements the otherworldly mystique Posen summons through her music.

Montage is now available from So Sorry Records in a limited edition 12-inch vinyl LP (100 copies) as well as digital download.

Link: Bandcamp (LP/digital)


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