Video Premiere: The River Passes, yet the River Remains by Olivia Belli

olivia belli 04Born in the Renaissance city of Mantova and now residing in the picturesque Marche region of Italy with her family, pianist & composer Olivia Belli has been playing piano since she was  nine years old.  Her debut full album Where Night Never Comes was released in October 2018 after a successful crowdfunding campaign and since then she has gone to garner millions of digital streams and been featured on radio broadcasts from BBC6 and Classic FM in the UK to Radio France and KEXP.  Her latest album slated for release on the 1631 Recordings imprint features 12 solo piano compositions inspired by the river near her home.

“River Path was born in a precise place: the river that runs down the valley next to my home. Back from my excursions, I used to write down what I had perceived in a notebook of intimate music sketches. Little by little, those usual and necessary walks turned into a personal reflection on the magical and symbolic force of the river. A force that has always inspired all kinds of artists: eternal becoming, the existential journey, the path of one’s life…” Olivia Belli

Links:   Bandcamp  |  Olivia Belli website

I am very pleased to be able to share this exclusive premiere of the video for the piece entitled “The River Passes, yet the River Remains”. In it we are transported along with Olivia and her piano to a wooded glade on the banks of a river where the notes flow as if with the current and the gentle percussion of the dampers evokes the torrent coursing over rock & sand. It is a dance of water and light that captures the essence of a paradox – the ancient, immutable fixture of a landscape that is always moving and ever-changing.

River Path will be available beginning February 28, 2020 on Bandcamp and digital streaming platforms.

River Path Cover