Album Stream: BLOMMA


When thinking of hotbeds of neoclassical and electronic music around the world, cities like London and Berlin may spring first to mind, but right in the American heartland there is a cadre of musicians staking their own claim to this burgeoning genre. Among them are Jacob Pavek and Philip Daniel who have teamed up on a new project they call Blomma.  The name is a Swedish word for flower, a fitting metaphor for the blossoming of music that burst forth when Pavek shared a Juno synth arpeggio with Daniel to improvise on about a year ago.  The time for their eponymous debut has finally arrived and I am very pleased offer an advance preview of the full album here before its release.

The synths oscillate from buoyant arpeggios to shimmering swells while the piano parts are sprightly and virtuosic. At full tilt on songs like “Morrow” or “Disco”, Pavek and Daniel soar into a cosmic firmament of neoclassical motifs fused with electronics that bring to mind the most intrepid explorations of Jon Hopkins, Nils Frahm, or Hauschka while quieter tracks, such as “Aurora” or “August”, are simply beautiful and immersive. It is a vibrant journey by two musicians apparently having a great deal of fun creating some seriously good music.

Links: Bandcamp  |  Jacob Pavek  |  Philip Daniel

The full digital release of Blomma will be available Feb 28, 2020 from Moderna Records and features a guest appearance by Laurels String Quartet notably on the aptly titled “Finale”.