Video Premiere: CZ97 by Christopher Sky

What it is it isnt art work

The latest release from Los Angeles based artist Christopher Sky (real name Christopher Garcia) entitled What It is, It Isn’t is a rhythmic, beat driven project that represents a distinct departure from 2018’s Vastness and its ambient introspections. The two albums were written in tandem, with the new record always planned as a deliberate counterpoint to its predecessor and one that features Garcia’s full range as a musician.

“I am a multi-instrumentalist and wanted to utilize my skills to its fullest potential. This included my drumming and more beat driven background. Drums were my first instrument and I wanted to emphasize that a lot of this record. A lot of themes of the album revolve around death and rebirth, light and dark. A lot of contrasting points that make a whole. The album has been a big reflection piece really.”Christopher Sky

Indeed, the new record displays the kind of organic percussion-driven beauty that fans of artists like Tycho, The Album Leaf, or The American Dollar will appreciate. That said, Garcia doesn’t neglect the sound sculpting aspects of his work as he wraps the music in an “analog blanket” through the use of a vintage Akai 1810D reel to reel tape machine and ambient vignettes interwoven with the album’s livelier songs.

On the irresistibly catchy “CZ97”, Garcia uses samba-like rhythms layered over synthesizers and vibraphone to take the listener on a soaring, kaleidoscopic journey featured here in an exclusive premiere along with mesmerizing visuals created by Alexandra Banhazl.

Links:   Bandcamp  |  Christopher Sky  |  Alexandra Banhazl

What It Is, It Isn’t is available now from Aagoo Records on CD and limited edition red vinyl LP as well as digital download and streaming.

Christopher Sky