Video Premiere: The Lynx, The Fawn, The Squirrel by Per Störby Jutbring

PSJ vinyl front copy

Born and raised in the small town of Falkenberg by the sea on the west coast of Sweden and now residing in Stockholm, Per Störby Jutbring is an award-winning composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer who has toured extensively all over the world and worked on an eclectic array of projects and soundtracks ranging from chamber music to electronic pop, choir, world, baroque, free improvisation, and more. The piano is central to the identity of his solo work which draws on minimalism while blending classic orchestration and contemporary electronics. His most recent of such works, which is slated for release later this month, is called The Thief Bunny Society, a playful title that is meant to evoke the essence of childhood wonder and innocence.

“In this stressful place of today, I think we all need to affirm naiveté and escapism, to practice imagination; to inspire them pictures to be made, to float away with the undertow, among the dugongs. So, switch the phone off. Join the Thief Bunnies. I’ve made you a soundtrack.” – Per Störby Jutbring

Here in an exclusive premiere is the single and video for the second track on the album entitled “The Lynx, The Fawn, The Squirrel”. Jutbring suggests each of these denizens of the Swedish forests admired for their vision, grace, and resourcefulness can be seen as spirit animal, “an animal who chooses you or you choose it to get guidance and learning to help you through life”. Seated at his piano in a dimly lit room decorated with nostalgic symbols of childhood and accompanied by a string quartet, Jutbring goes straight for the heart with a disarmingly beautiful piece of music with an air of bittersweet to it that will resonate with anyone who longs for the innocence of youth but bears the scars and bruises of adulthood. For all the charming whimsy of the album’s presentation, it is that quality which may well linger most with the open-minded, open-hearted listener.

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“This piece is very special to me. A minimalistic composition – stillness. Joined by Malva Quartet, located in the basement next door to a laundry room, in the forgotten parts of Hornstull in Stockholm, Sweden.” – Per Störby Jutbring

The Thief Bunny Society will be available on CD, vinyl LP, and digital beginning April 24 on Swedish independent label Hoob Records.

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