Sound Impression: It Will Become Itself by Whale Fall


It was a serendipitous evening in June 2018 when all five members of Whale Fall found themselves in Los Angeles at the same time and decided to go into the studio with some new ideas to work on.  Listening back to that recording after rediscovering it months later, the band they realized what had originally been intended as a loose improvisational session had instead yielded something much closer to a complete oeuvre. There was still some shaping and refining to be done for what would become the final release, but the key is that the band saw this as a continuous piece of music rather than a collection of sundry reference points for future composing and arranging. It was as if they went sifting for fragments of gold and found an uncut diamond instead.

“We were surprised at what we heard: here was an entire record in embryonic form, recorded in a single 38-minute take. The consonance and connection of the playing caught our attention. Absent the self-consciousness that goes along with recording an album or even playing a show, we had cut loose and just let things flow. The musical negotiations gave rise to some unexpected and beautiful moments. The imperfections added rather than taking away.”

The band fully embraced the outcome right down to the album’s title. It Will Become Itself is both an apt description of how the record came as well as a reference to the creative process in general. And the music?  Under the circumstances it is probably best to let it speak for itself as much as possible, but suffice it to say there are plenty of Whale Fall’s trademark pastoral piano and soaring brass passages among their adventurous peregrinations into melody, noise, and texture over the course of five sprawling movements. Like any worthwhile journey, the album is best experienced from beginning to end. In any single moment, where it has been is just as important as where it finds itself and where it is headed.

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“There was no roadmap for this album, and we were willing to accept the imperfections that come along with spontaneity. The music recorded that June night was only a moment in time, but we’re excited to share what we’ve been able to distill from it.”

It Will Become Itself is now available in two limited vinyl LP editions – “Pacific Blue” (200 copies) and “Super Plain Black” (100 copies) as well as CD (300 copies) and digital.