Track Premiere: Fired by ABADIR


ABADIR is the solo alias of Berlin-based Egyptian producer Rami Abadir, also one-half of the experimental production duo 0N4B and the electronic music section editor of Arabic online music magazine Ma3azef where he covers music theory, critical studies, history, reviews and interviews. After solo releases on Italy’s Yerevan Tapes, Germany’s Kaer‘Uiks, and Montreal’s D.M.T. Records, ABADIR‘s latest record on Seattle’s Hush Hush Records showcases a more ambient, spacious, and cinematic side to his work that offers a nice contrast to his previous sonic deconstructions.

Entitled Liminal, the new album features immersive drones infused with atmospheric field recordings and sophisticated glitch work. This more introspective sound parallels a shift in focus toward more personal themes as well. As the title suggests, the album reflects on transitions in the artist’s life as he navigated through major geographical, emotional, and professional shifts which included a significant career jump from his previous work as a corporate engineer as well as a move to Germany. I am pleased to be able to premiere the mesmerizing first single from Liminal called “Fired” which serves as the album’s penultimate track.


Beneath undulating waves of soft drone is a web of restless sounds in constant motion, making the seven-minute piece something of an ambient fever dream punctuated by remote clatter, pulsing tones, and surges of static. As with the rest of the album, either a good pair of headphones or quiet space with exceptionally clear speakers are needed to gain full appreciation the intricacy of the sound design.

If you enjoyed this track, stay tuned for the June 5 release of Liminal on limited edition cassette as well as digital/streaming. The album was mastered by Taylor Deupree and features design & artwork by Islam Shabana (Alchem Studio).


photo by Hassan Emad