Travelogue: At home with La Petite Chambre Records

LPC_At_Home_covers Affectionately named after a tiny room in Belo Horizonte, Brazil where a group of friends would gather to quietly rehearse and record new ideas, La Petite Chambre Records has been publishing a uniquely warm and colorful style of experimental music for over a decade.  The label has created their own space for artistic expression in response to the chaos and anxiety of the Covid-19 pandemic with the ‘At Home With…(songs for solitude)’ series. Featured in this round up is a representative selection of four of the nine releases to date, all with ties to the band Constantina and the origins of the label itself.

“Facing the flaws of the system that we live in – it’s a little bit scary, we know. And because of that, we think that it is more important than ever to share art. We need to inspire each other, take care of each other, be kind to each other and care more about the things that really matter.” — LPC Records

Vol. 01 – Constantina

Constantina is an instrumental ensemble emerged in 2004 in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil and one of the mainstays of the LPC catalog. On the inaugural volume of the series, the band currently composed of André Veloso, Bruno Nunes, Daniel Nunes, Viquitor Burgos, & Lucas Morais offers a welcoming lo-fi excursion with sparkling guitars and a fondly nostalgic vibe. For those that enjoy this, note that Constantina’s recent full-length release entitled Atrópico is also available from the label on vinyl LP and CD.

Vol. 02 – Lise

Lise is the solo project of Daniel Nunes, in which he explores sonorities connected to electronic, rock and ambient music. Volume 2 of the series finds him playfully experimenting with sequencing techniques involving twinkling electronics and skittering beats followed by an synthesizer and pocket piano improvisation that has a similar rustic aura to the sounds of decaying tape loops.

Vol. 07 – El Conejo

Inspired by his first chords in his grandfather’s old guitar and by the memories of the places where he lived, Bruno Nunes Coelho creates his solo music under the moniker of El Conejo with a focus on nostalgia and natural beauty. For volume 7 he recreates some of the same acoustic ambient magic that made last year’s autobiographical Tempestade Tropical one of my favorite records of the year.

“I believe we will re-signify a lot of things when all this comes to an end – and our feeling of belonging is one of them” Bruno Nunes Coelho

Vol. 09 – Tropiques

A former member of the bands Moan and Constantina, musician and graphic designer Alex Fernandino is based in France and embarking on a solo musical journey under the name of Tropiques. His contribution to the series is a bright and engaging affair that intertwines melodic and textural layers with emphasis on electric guitar, keyboards, and percussion.