Track Premiere: Slow Dive by Juha Mäki-Patola


Always a label to watch for emerging new talents, Seattle’s Hush Hush Records curated by KEXP radio DJ Alex Ruder will soon be releasing the debut album from Finland-based composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Juha Mäki-Patola.  While it may be his first solo release, Juha has been involved in the Finnish music community for over a decade, serving as a member of several bands and working behind-the-scenes as a producer, musician, and recording/mixing/mastering engineer for both local and international artists. Taking inspiration from such contemporary neo-classical composers as Nils Frahm, Max Richter, and the late Jóhann Jóhannsson as well as pioneering artists like Brian Eno, Philip Glass, and Arvo Pärt, Juha began developing his own material from early demos submitted to Hush Hush at the start of the year to the refined seven track album that is Breath.

“This album is grounded in the basic practice of breathing and being a respectful and loving part of our interconnected natural world. These songs are intended to provide a soundtrack to viewing life in a slowed-down state, when small moments can transform into powerful experiences.”  — Hush Hush Records

Here in this exclusive first preview of the album, you can listen to “Slow Dive” which is the second track on the record, an affecting piece that undulates and respires around a mournful refrain held together with a subtle but riveting tension. This is, however, just one of the facets of Breath. When the album is released, listeners will be treated to tender piano melodies, rich atmospheres, and cinematic swells all delivered with utmost care and restraint.  Anyone who is warm to the aforementioned names that inspired Juha’s work will find much to enjoy here.

Links:  Bandcamp  |  Juha Mäki-Patola 

Breath will be released by Hush Hush on September 25, 2020 with limited edition CDs or cassette tapes now available for pre-order.


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