Video Premiere: Acrophobia by Lumiere


Greek composer & musician Thanos Christodoulou has recorded under the name Lumiere since 2015, a nod to the famed French brothers of the same name who pioneered the craft of cinematography. It is as fitting a name as any for an artist who combines piano and post-classical elements with electronics and modern jazz to create “soundtracks for modern daydreamers”.  His new album entitled Phases will be out in September and here is an exclusive preview of the exhilarating single “Acrophobia” accompanied by a short film created by Austrian visual artist Christian Stangl. The title hints at the vertiginous effect of the piece which depends on a clever interplay of keyboards, string, & drums.

“’Acrophobia’ is based on a sequence of 5 piano notes in a row, constantly changing, with each sequence being very close to the previous and the next one, like a fast run in an almost straight line, like a person trying to find its balance while running at the edge of a building roof. That was the image I had in my mind while composing this track. Gustav Penka, who played the drums, combined in a great way the 5/8 time signature of the track with his fevered, break-beat style drumming while sharp, staccato strings were used in order to add intensity to the whole atmosphere, an intensity that escalates until the last bursting chorus.”Lumiere


Phases will be available as a digital release in full on September 18, 2020. The album was mastered by James Plotkin and features an extensive list of supporting musicians as well as artwork Aris Goumpouros & Jean-Charles Couty.

Lumiere profile photo 1 (Credits_ George Tatakis)

photo by: George Tatakis