Video Premiere: Im Fenster by CEEYS

Continuing their musical exploration of themes surrounding their Communist-era, East German heritage, the duo of brothers Daniel & Sebastian Selke known as CEEYS will soon be releasing the fourth full-length album entitled Hausmusik. Temporarily foregoing their use of vintage electronics, soviet synthesizers, and effects, the new record finds them relying solely on their main instruments – cello and piano – to pursue a purely acoustic exploration of mutually-shared memories and life experiences. The album is heavily referential, from early influences like Bach, Beethoven and Debussy to pioneering composers such as Arvo Pärt, Arthur Russell and Philip Glass, and such neoclassical contemporaries including Greg Haines, Hauschka, and Nils Frahm.

“Growing up in the last decade of the former GDR, restrictions and the overcoming of material lack were our daily companions. The memories, impressions and feelings, the two sides of one medal – the Wall – help us to understand the present time a little better.”


In addition, there are callbacks to East German acts from their youth like the cult folk-rock epic “Am Fenster” by East German band City referenced on the album’s third track. With a subtle change of preposition in the title and a dramatically different sonic perspective, “Im Fenster” is not so much a re-interpretation as a reflection on the context and experiences the Selke brothers associate with the music. The starkly beautiful track represents a thematic thread that runs throughout Hausmusik and is emblematic of the boundless inventiveness Daniel and Sebastian bring to their work and their instruments. I am very pleased to have the opportunity to present an early preview of the song & video here before its release on Aug 21.

The video itself was crafted by Stockholm-based artist Sofia Nystrand, also known by her music-making alias Vargkvint, who has recently been developing an avid interest in working with stop-motion films (including for her own work as recently featured here). It is completely hand-made, including moving the objects and shooting each frame by at the rate of 12 photos per second. The houses are made with a combination of aquarelle paintings and objects found in forests and in second-hand stores and are inspired by the idea of Sebastian Selke.

Hausmusik will be available October 9, 2020 from Neue Meister in both 2xLP vinyl an 2-disc CD editions each featuring photographs, portraits, liner notes, signatures, credits, dedicated text and a double-side printed insert with photograph using original fonts from the Communist-era GDR. Digital and streaming options will also be available.

Links: Buy/Stream | Bandcamp | Neue Meister | CEEYS