Video Premiere: Bloom by Ell Kendall

Ell Kendall is a sound artist and composer based in London who was recently cited in Herbert Magazine’s “ones to watch in 2020” as well as having his music featured on BBC Radio 3’s “Unclassified” and Seattle’s KEXP Radio in the USA. I am pleased to be able to premiere his very latest work right here, a splendid ambient/acoustic composition called “Bloom” which should furnish ample evidence of just why Kendall has been garnering such attention.

Video by Owen Diplock

A sort of paean to light and the coming of Spring, the piece juxtaposes stillness and contemplation with lavish and impassioned strings to create a rapturous serenity and sense of longing that permeates all its layers. How it came about is best described by Kendall himself:

“‘Bloom’ is constructed from blocks of material inspired by the nature of sunlight, which were moulded into a form in late winter months as a prayer to Spring. The piece is composed with 19 individual parts which can each be played with multiple performers. There is no common time to unify performers of the same voice, or to bring rhythmic cohesion between the blend of voices for each bars duration. The inspiration for this approach was to create a detailed surface that is constantly in motion. To show the orchestra as a collective of individuals with unique artistic perspectives.

– Ell Kendall


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