PREMIERE: “The Hall” by Martyn Heyne

Born in Hamburg and based in Berlin where he has established his Lichte Studio, guitarist, composer, & producer Martyn Heyne was classically trained at the music academy of Amsterdam going on to serve as a live member of the acclaimed indie rock band Efterklang, share the stage with the likes of A Winged Victory For The Sullen, Nils Frahm, and Balmorhea, and collaborate with composers such as Dustin O’Halloran and Ben Lukas Boysen.

This rich and diverse musical background informs his imaginative forays as a solo artist. Following up his stunning debut album Electric Intervals (7K!, 2017) Heyne is set to release his brand new opus called Open Lines in October of this year on his own Tonal Institute label. In addition to playing electric, acoustic, 12-string, and classical guitars on he record, Heyne plays piano, drums, bass, recorder, drum-machine, rhodes, bongos, synthesiser, kalimba, and bell with accompaniment on several tracks by Tatu Rönkkö on drums and Anne Müller on cello.

On the heels of the vibrant lead-off single “Dancing on a Landfill“, I am thrilled to be able to share another preview of the new album entitled “The Hall”, a piece that is emblematic of Heyne’s unique approach to the guitar as he blends arpeggios, harmonics, and reverb to mesmerizing effect. Taking a prompt from the title, imagine being in a cavernous hall filled with the sound of nothing but the amplified guitar as clusters of notes rise and expand to fill the vast empty space and illuminate the contours of its architecture.

The melody of piece appears again to conclude the album in a beautiful string laden reprise and tender solo guitar outro. They are part of a mosaic of songs that Heyne hopes will be experienced as a complete journey. Having had the opportunity to preview the full album myself, it is one I highly recommend taking when you get the chance.

Each piece in Open Lines is conceived like a chapter of a book or a scene in a film. It’s a journey and I try to tell it in full, concisely, and without repeating anything unnecessarily. To work on one track without considering the whole picture would not have occurred to me. It is one big arch from the opening until the last page. This is also the reason why the sleeve design resembles a book cover. I believe that, like with a novel or a film, the person that sits down – if only once – and listens to these eight pieces attentively, will get more out of the album than someone who plays it many times in the background.

Martyn heyne

Open Lines will be available beginning October 30, 2020 on black vinyl as well as digital download and streaming. Readers outside of Europe, especially in the USA, be sure to see the ordering & shipping notes on the Bandcamp page before ordering.

Links: Bandcamp | Martyn Heyne