Sound Impression: the old capital by Claire Deak & Tony Dupé.

artwork by Kurt Sorensen (

Melbourne musicians Claire Deak & Tony Dupé describe themselves as ” home orchestra well-suited for late night rambling” or, alternatively, “two composers create an intimate domestic symphony in the hours their son sleeps”. Either description turns out to be more than apt for the music they have created for the debut album on Lost Tribe Sound entitled the old capital. For listeners with some familiarity with the Lost Tribe catalog, the sounds that Deak and Dupé conjure are relatable to both the cinematic analog alchemy of William Ryan Fritch and the eclectic acoustic soundscapes of Skyphone. Looking beyond their label mates, there are moments that invite comparisons to Penguin Cafe or Hidden Orchestra were they to put on a living room show.

You’ll hear a plethora of instruments on the record including pianos, accordion, harp, harpsichord, pump organs, pipe organ, recorder, flute, trumpet, euphonium, clarinets, stroh violin, viola, wulf fidel, cello, double bass, guitar, charango, mandolin, baritone ukulele, banjo, xylophone, glockenspiel, gamelan, drums and voices. The arrangements are inventive and surprisingly rich in tonal & textural elements while the muted nocturnal vibe lends it both intimacy and a satisfying tension punctuated by the gentle catharsis of the occasional sweet melody. All in all, the old capital is a quietly stunning debut and full of the kind of rustic charm that makes for fine company in the still hours of the evening.

Music by Claire Deak & Tony Dupé – Video edit by R. Keane


the old capital will be available beginning October 9, 2020 in a limited CD book edition with hard cover featuring 8 pages of reverse printed original artwork. The release is part of Lost Tribe’s 15 album series “Built Upon A Fearful Void” which is also available as bundle both digitally and on CD.