Track Premiere: Captive by Simeon Walker

UK-based pianist & composer Simeon Walker has been very active in the modern classical scene in recent years. Alongside his 2017 debut album ‘Mono‘, he has performed & toured across the UK and Europe, including supporting S. Carey and Sebastian Plano & Loscil as well as appearing at a range of festivals, concerts, shows and live music events while garnering millions of streams on Spotify. Simeon also founded and continues to curate the Brudenell Piano Sessions, an intimate series highlighting the diverse music being composed and performed on the piano held at the iconic Brudenell Social Club venue in Leeds. Now he is on the cusp of releasing his second full-length studio album called Winnow.

The title refers to a process Walker feels reflects a journey he has undergone relative to a faith he grew up around but came to feel was never his own. From this perspective, the album does not dwell on negativity, hurt, or even healing and solace, but rather on the search for clarity and peace.

Winnow refers to the idea of blowing something away until you are left with solely what is authentic; removing something that feels untrue to oneself; separating the wheat from the chaff. A gentler form of iconoclasm perhaps, blown calmly away on the breeze, as we try to make sense of who we are. Always evolving, but shedding what no longer serves us, too.

While this will have very specific personal connotations to the artist, the beauty of the way the record is composed and presented makes it approachable and relatable to the listener, even those whose experiences may be very different. We all must negotiate personal change and at various points in our lives we are all faced being loose from familiar moorings whether by choice or circumstance and the music Walker has created here, along with his wonderful guest musicians, speaks in a very positive and beautiful way about that experience.

Here in an exclusive premiere is a preview of the second track on the album entitled “Captive”.

Winnow will be available beginning November 20 on limited edition 12-inch vinyl or CD as well as digital download & streaming. The album was mastered by Martyn Heyne at Lichte Studio, Berlin and once again features amazing artwork by Gregory Euclide.

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