Premiere: Remembering Who And What We Are by Gifts From Crows

It was the return of a family heirloom in the form of a piano that started the chain of events that brought Gifts From Crows into being. It is the neoclassical emergence of an artist with roots in rock & electronic music inspired by reconnecting with the beloved instrument and playing the first notes of what would eventually become a complete album. Recorded during a pandemic lockdown period, Holding a Thought Forever reflects on our relationship with nature and the navigation of personal loss presented as 13 symbolic ‘gifts’ each of which is linked to a song and visualized by illustrator Alan Baker.

This piano has been in my family for well over 100 years. As a child I remember sitting at the piano with my foot permanently pressing the sustain pedal and letting its rich sound envelop me – my own private cathedral. I always compose on this instrument. That feeling has never left me.

Gifts From Crows

These gifts evoke an idea equally rooted in myth and reality of ‘found treasures’ and mysterious gifts brought to people unexpectedly by crows and other birds of the Corvid family which can be anything from bottle-tops, twigs, and ring-pulls to coins and pieces of glass (for a wonderful visualization of the concept, this scene from the British TV show “Detectorists” featuring magpies springs to mind). It is a unique and rich metaphor that permeates the album and binds itself to the music giving it an added poignancy.

As a preview of the album, here is an exclusive premiere of the wistfully melodic “Remembering Who And What We Are” which is tied to The Gift of Remembrance. The track will be live this Friday (Jan 22) on all major streaming platforms.

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Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man’. Growing up and throughout our adult lives we put on many masks, play out many roles. But there comes a point when it is time to stop, to pull ourselves back and to remember who and what we are. The picture is one I took of my middle son, Xander. Sometimes when I watch my boys playing, silhouetted against the sky, it reminds me of growing up with my 2 brothers – our skinny forms breathlessly playing out until the sun went down.

Gifts From Crows
The Gift of Remembrance (illustration by Alan Baker)