Video Premiere: Lost Takeno by Minihi

artwork by Melanie Kretzer

Between them, percussionists and composers Zands & Louise Anna Duggan have worked with artists and ensembles ranging from the Royal Philharmonic to Lady Gaga as well as recording on Thom Yorke’s Grammy nominated album ‘Anima’ with the London Contemporary Orchestra. Separately, Louise is the percussionist for Agnes Obel and Zands performs with Melt Yourself Down. Together as Minihi, they blend bell-like textures produced by instruments such as mallets, vibraphone, and celeste with piano, synths, drums, and vocals to create vibrant soundscapes where “the classical palette intersects with the world of groove and electronics”.

This special audio-visual premiere features the newest single from their upcoming full-length album debut Recaptures. “Lost Takeno” is named after a small Japanese rural seaside town Louise and Zands visited on a quiet, stormy day. The piece marries a beautiful minor key melody that tintinnabulates over a rising bed of electronics that transforms the plaintive stillness at the beginning into an animated narrative, a ghost town coming to life in the imagination as it were.

“Shutters were down and it felt like a ghost town with birds of prey circling overhead, and huge waves crashing against the brutalist style sea defences. We felt we had the place to ourselves, it was an eerie experience” The ‘hollow’ sound is created by blending an upright piano with celeste and hammered dulcimer, while the haunting reverb was created by striking it.”

Louise Anna Duggan

Zands adds that various shakers and other rustic percussion were also used, but more in the way, he says, “a dance producer might layer electronic sounds, meaning that they are switched on and off quite suddenly”.

video by Louisa Rabea Kohlhoff

The track, which also features James Maloney on piano, is supported by a video created by Hamburg-based artist, Louisa Rabea Kohlhoff. She adopts a mesmeric style that complements what Louise and Zands were seeking to accomplish sonically.

“The way she hand-sculpts an object from clay and digitally manipulates its form drew parallels with the way we create our music. Her vintage stop-motion techniques feel intimate and handmade, yet somehow fresh at the same time. In “Lost Takeno”, we took organic sounds and tried to make them sound digital whilst retaining a human element. Louisa’s captivating video is the perfect visual representation of this process.”

Zands Duggan

“Lost Takeno” is now available as a digital single via Unperceived Records. Recaptures will be released March 12, 2021.

Links: Bandcamp (single) | Bandcamp (full album) | Minihi

photo by Frances Marshall