Premiere: Rivali by Orange and Mountains

Edoardo De Din and Lorenzo Pesci are musicians, sound designers, and producers who met completely by chance several years ago at a gathering in the city Aachen, Germany. From there, they quickly realized they had similar taste in music as well as a desire to produce it. After a few sessions of playing together, the project that became Orange and Mountains was born. In addition to a shared musical vision, a unique aspect of this collaboration is that both band members share deep scientific backgrounds as well. Lorenzo is a chemist & biotechnologist with a PhD in natural sciences while Edoardo is pursuing his PhD in electrical engineering.

For their full-length debut album Drawers, Edoardo and Lorenzo chose to explore both the visual and emotional content of dreams from dual perspectives – before and after sleep. There are five dreams in all. Each is rendered once as experienced during the night followed by a “diurnal” rework which represents the recollection of the dream after being awake.

“The idea of “Drawers” stems from our long conversations about both our dreams and our fascination over the process of remembering them, which is as real as it is volatile. These songs represent our efforts to render five dreams into music, as well as the feeling of trying to recall them.”

Featured in the exclusive premiere is the final dream sequence of the album, “Rivali”, which envisions the phenomenon of encountering one’s self while asleep. If you are expecting something foreboding or surreal, you are in for a delightful surprise. The band takes the listener on a kaleidoscopic musical adventure coalescing around pulsing electronics, circular guitar lines, and propulsive rhythms. Rather than a sense of dread, we are left with an exhilarating sense of narrative possibilities to explore setting the stage for the diurnal reflection to follow.

Encountering yourself in a dream is a very fascinating and dramatic experience, for starters. There is an out-of-body projection of self that can differ from who you actually are and what you look like in real life. You can also be confronted by this other self, with all of its palpable weaknesses and desires. “Rivali” attempts to describe the encounter with a doppelgänger.

Drawers will be released April 16, 2021 by Brooklyn, NY based Rhodium Publishing. The album was mastered by Nathan Moody and features contributions from Barbara Toth and Massimo Franceschini on violin. Artwork is by Marit Reezigt.

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Orange and Mountains, 2020, Hamburg, Teresa Enhiak Nanni, all rights reserved