Sound Impression: Dreamers and Tides by Federico Mosconi

Italian composer & guitarist Federico Mosconi is an artist with considerable experience as a live performer in solo, ensemble, and orchestral settings and styles ranging from classical to contemporary. In the studio, he is as much an explorer as a musician with a growing catalog of stunning experimental works that blend fluid guitar passages with live electronics and sound processing. These works are equal parts composition and sonic world building. In fleeting moments they can be ethereal and quite delicate, but more often they are visceral, grandly atmospheric, and wholly enveloping. The word immersive has become a bit overused these days, but it is hard to think of a better word to describe the sensation of listening to his music.

Mosconi treated us to a pair of fine releases last year, a pastoral journey into the Italian countryside in Il Tempo Della Nostra Estate on Slowcraft Records and a series of magnificent moonlit seascapes in Sails on Unknown Tone. Regarding the latter, the ocean is a recurring theme in Mosconi’s work and for his latest album, he turns to it once again but from a different perspective. Dreamers and Tides is a sumptuous and expansive foray into the realm of the subconscious using the sea as an overarching metaphor.

“In each track of the album you can find two different souls, one is physical and the other one is ethereal, the dreamer and the dream…”

From the opening track, the horizon unfurls its immense wingspan into binaural space and tidal oscillations begin to surge toward maximum amplitude in response to the gravitational pull of massive sonic shapes. Braiding light & shadow and melody & sound across five majestic movements, Mosconi creates a truly memorable journey from which you will be in no hurry to return.

Links: Bandcamp (CD/digital) | Federico Mosconi