Video Premiere: Requiem by Chrystal Für

Introducing itself with a “Requiem,” Chrystal Für’s third album Elusion is an “elegy to the cycle of loss, acceptance, and the promise of restored life”. The project was born three years ago in the high desert mountains of central Mexico while veteran composer and musician Christopher J Vibberts was taking a year and a half long sabbatical from scoring films and producing in his California studio known as The Rabbit Hole Recording. The aim of the project is to offer listeners a soundtrack to their daily lives whether it be accompanying mundane tasks, creating, or simply daydreaming.

The music on Elusion draws on Christopher’s history composing for film, studio experimentation, and a love of ethnic and electronic instruments combined with his passion for travel and exploration of other cultures. A trip to the Iceland Airwaves Festival in November of 2019 had a particularly “profound and lingering effect” on him which he indicates can be heard throughout the album. In this exclusive premiere, you can listen to “Requiem” accompanied by awe-inspiring visuals that bring to life the transcendent spirit of the music as it reaches from the somber depths of solastalgia toward the heavens and hope for the future.

Requiem is a soaring recognition of a year of trials and tribulations and an eagerness to lay it to rest. Slowly evolving tones defy gravity as they launch into space making way for an emerging synth that in its gentle pulsation reminds us how alive we still are. Requiem is an end, and a beginning.

Elusion will be released worldwide on May 28, 2021 (CD and digital pre-orders are now available). The album was mastered by James Plotkin and features artwork & design by Christopher himself. While primarily a solo effort, The track “I’ll Rise At Dawn Once More” was produced and performed in Brussels by Echo Collective who have also collaborated with the likes of Stars of the Lid, Johann Johannsson, and A Winged Victory for the Sullen to name just a few.

Links: Bandcamp | Chrystal Für | Film music by Chris Vibberts