Premiere: Critter by Ishmael Cormack

Located in rural Somerset in South West England, Ishmael Cormack is a British sound artist whose practice focuses on gathering found sounds and weaving them with electro-acoustics to create delicate atmospheres. It is something he does exceedingly well as evidenced by his increasingly prolific output, which includes four excellent albums released last year on as many labels (more on those here). With a style so organically rooted in nature, it seems fitting that the blossom of spring has yielded colorful new works – both Fennec on Krysalisound in April and a new EP which comes out later this month via The Slow Music Movement.

Many Wild Things is a deep and beautiful work that exemplifies Cormack’s approach to incorporating the ephemeral with compositional elements to create filigreed, melodic soundscapes. It is also one of his more elaborate recordings put together using a toy piano, electric and classical guitars, a tape machine, dried seeds, computer software, and grand piano recorded inside the historic St Andrews Church. Not unlike taking a walk in nature itself, the initial experience when listening is a holistic sense of calm and beauty, but then as the immersion slowly takes hold, a plethora of details come into sharper focus. There is a human imprint here too, an unmistakable sense of melancholy and nostalgia that haunts the music as well. Have a listen for yourself with this exclusive preview of the EP’s second track entitled “Critter”.

Links: Bandcamp | Spotify Pre-Save | Ishamel Cormack | The Slow Music Movement

This work continues my obsessions with gathering found sounds into the studio. Capturing sounds that are connected to places and framing them as music. Using tape to create age and a sense of nostalgia. Using software to create serendipity, this reflects how I see nature, both chaotic and orderly. Treating everyday objects and sounds with reverence. In this sense my music is an offering to what already is.

Ishmael Cormack

Many Wild Things will be available digitally on May 28, 2021. The album was mastered by Ian Hawgood and features artwork by Glet Masa. The artist’s share of purchases & royalties will go to The Wildlife Trusts.