Video Premiere: As Good As It Gets by IKSRE

Melbourne/Naarm-based artist Phoebe Dubar is a classically trained multi instrumentalist, producer and sound healer who combines field recordings from across the Australian landscape and ambient drones with strings, synths, and layered vocals to create the ethereal healing sounds of IKSRE (I Keep Seeing Rainbows Everywhere). The title of her new album III could be seen as a simple nod to the fact that this is her third full-length record, but it also serves as a touching coded reference to the journey from grief and personal loss to solace, gratitude, and acceptance that the music traverses.

III was written throughout 2020 and during a period where Phoebe and her husband were hopeful to welcome a second child into their family. Sadly, she experienced a heartbreaking miscarriage which led to the eventual acceptance that they would remain a family of three. It is from this deep well of emotion the music springs, something which is clearly evident from the lead single “As Good As It Gets” which label Hush Hush fittingly describes as a “celestial and cathartic ambient-pop statement”. It was inspired by Phoebe’s desire “to create a song that sounded like pure love and gratitude”, but the soulful vocals that permeate the atmospheric layers carry the echoes of the anguish that preceded acceptance and a sense of the strength of her resolve to find a way to move forward. The song premieres here with a stunningly beautiful video directed by Roman Anastasios

Directed by Roman Anastasios

After going through all the emotions, from desire to acceptance, and now quite simply, gratitude, we are happy and grateful to be such a strong family unit, even if it’s only “just” the three of us.

Phoebe Dubar

Links: Bandcamp (digital/cassette) | IKSRE | Hush Hush Records

III will be available for download and streaming from Hush Hush Records beginning October 15, 2021 with the offer of a limited cassette tape edition (35 copies) exclusively on the label’s Bandcamp site. The album was mastered by Taylor Deupree and also features guest appearances by Melbourne-based musicians Luminem (aka Lucy Graham) on piano and Diego Villalta on guitar