Sound Impression: El Mar Convertido en Oceano by The Phonmetrician

Lost Tribe Sound is a label keenly aware how deeply rooted it is in sounds many would consider wintry or autumnal in nature. Its embrace of bleak and sometimes even harrowing musical landscapes is reflected in the themes of recent subscription series such as “Built Upon A Fearful Void” or “We Stayed The Path That Fell To Shadow”. That does not mean, however, that one cannot find moments of light coexisting with the darker peregrinations to be found among their offerings. Quite the contrary. Also to be found here are uplifting works of rare and pristine beauty. A most recent example is a little gem from Carlos Morales, aka The Phonometrician entitled El Mar Convertido en Oceano (‘the sea turned into ocean‘).

Links: Bandcamp (digital) | Lost Tribe Sound

In consonance with the more pastoral moments from his 2019 label debut Menomsyne, Morales does justice to the oceanic theme with a luminous 5-song cycle laid out in coruscating finger-picked guitar lines. Striking a balance between painterly impressionism and cinematic scene-setting, it is an extremely pleasant summery diversion that showcases his ability as both musician and composer for film.

El Mar Convertido en Oceano is now available for download and streaming. The EP was mastered by Ian Hawgood and features artwork by R. Keane.