Video Premiere: The Remains of a Fragile Landscape by ILUITEQ

ILUITEQ is an ambient music project founded by Sergio Calzoni and Andrea Bellucci, members of the Italian experimental ambient music scene with several albums released under other monikers and bands such as Red Sector A, Subterranean Source, Orghanon, and Colloquio. As ILUITEQ, Sergio & Andrea seek to pay meticulous attention to sound design and soothing melodic arrangements using a wide range of sampling and synthesis techniques and enhancing the sound with electric guitar, acoustic piano, and field recordings. The duo is set to release the project’s second album and first for Oakland based n5MD label entitled The Loss of Wilderness.

As the title implies, the album is sharply focused on the tenuous state of our global ecology as it summons imagery of melting glaciers, wildfires, and depleted oceans. Wrapped in lush ambient layers and patiently constructed arrangements with a cinematic bent, the music is by turns mournful, desolate, and tentatively hopeful. Here in an exclusive premiere is the elegiac third track “The Remains of a Fragile Landscape”, a slow threnodial meditation beautifully set to video by Italian photographer & videographer Donato Testoni.

Video by: Donato Testoni

The Loss of Wilderness will be available beginning August 27, 2021. In addition to download ans streaming options, the album is being released in a special limited green “coke bottle” clear vinyl edition (250 copies).

Order: Bandcamp (includes international pre-order links) | n5MD