Sound Impression: Fragments by Rachika Nayar

Rachika Nayar is a Brooklyn-based composer and producer, whose music utilizes processed guitar along with other synthesized and multi-instrumental sounds. Her first album entitled Our Hands Against the Dusk was composed over a period of four years by digitally processing improvisational guitar parts and combining them with synths, piano, and strings. She returns this summer with a new EP which serves as a companion piece to her aforementioned debut, a collection of “sonic miniatures” in the form of raw guitar loops that give glimpse into her songwriting process while allowing her to engage in both exploration and restoration of her own musical practice.

The cyclical, meditative quality of exploring loop-based expression is a means for Nayar to cleanse her creative space, and provide a psychological architecture in her home where she can “access my heart and cultivate some kind of internal movement in times of stasis.”


What does this mean for the listener? For this one, pure sonic delight as Nayar’s virtuosic guitar playing and pedal wizardry spins a shimmering web of beautiful patterns and melodic shapes. No doubt these ‘fragments’ could become building blocks for longer and more involved compositions, but as presented, their brevity and chimerical nature conspire to create a wonderful kaleidoscopic effect as the album unfolds. It may leave one pleasantly dreaming of grander possibilities, but that seems to be just the point.

Fragments is available from RVNG Intl. both digitally and in a limited hand-numbered cassette edition. A special in-store edition with fragrance is available from Commend located in New York City. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Rachika in her bedroom.

Links: Bandcamp | RVNG Intl. | Commend (NYC) | Rachika Nayar