Sound Impression: Luminous by Jeannine Schulz

Based in Hamburg, Germany, Jeannine Schulz is a musician & sound artist who also has a background in dance. For the past year & a half she has been building up quite a nice catalog of solo releases on her own Bandcamp with some of that material popping up selectively on label releases that should help bring her introspective compositions and healing sounds to an even wider audience. The latest of these is Luminous, an anthology of some of her finest work remastered by Ian Hawgood and released on limited edition CD by Polar Seas Recordings.

As with her self-released material, Schulz refrains from offering commentary or any more than a hint of narrative encoded in the titles of the songs. Instead she allows the music to tell its own story. Her work seems designed not to seize our attention or take our breath away but rather to create room for stillness and contemplation and the songs on this album do this very well. Schulz has a gift for blending gentle melodies and ambient textures in a particularly inviting way that always feels centered and balanced while demonstrating a keen ear for when to introduce acoustic elements to add depth & color. This is not music to set the world on fire nor was it meant to be. Try it as a companion for a morning coffee, an afternoon walk, or a quiet evening and you should find it pleasant company indeed.

Links: Bandcamp (CD/digital) | Jeannine Schulz