Sound Impression: S/T by Lee Yi

Having recently marked his tenth anniversary as a recording artist, Málaga based musician and sound artist Lee Yi begins a new creative decade with a gorgeously crafted solo work in the form of a self-titled EP for Gregory Euclide’s THESIS Project. The overarching theme is appreciation for the beauty to be found in the simple things in life and its immutability in the face of a fast-paced world that is in a state of constant turmoil and flux and it is hard to imagine any greater eloquence with which it could be expressed.

…the fact is that I have found a moment of connection with music in which I have wanted to stay and I hope that these sounds can help the listener to build their own bridge back to humanization through music. 

Lee Yi

Eschewing heavily processed sources for a warm amalgam of organic sounds derived from piano, trombone, and guitar, the music moves freely between ambient and neoclassical motifs with faint echoes of modern jazz. This is arguably some of Lee’s most compelling work to date hearkening back to the painterly melancholic soundscapes of such earlier releases as Dissimilar Lake Pigments (Rottenman Editions, 2018) and Falling Into Crevasse (El Muelle Records, 2016) while exploring some new musical ideas. That means sweeping atmospherics, vivid sonic colors, and aching melodies that converge for a listening experience that is as emotionally impactful as it is aurally rich.

In addition, it is gratifying to see the loving treatment given the material by the label much as it has done for all the fine artists that have appeared it on it since it was first launched, but with the added distinction of being the first strictly solo work it has released.

Links: Bandcamp (digital/vinyl/prints) | Lee Yi | THESIS

Lee Yi was mastered by Simon Scott and is available from THESIS as a digital release or in a 10-inch vinyl edition with handmade sleeves. An 11″ x 11″ on 300 gsm acid free photo rag featuring the album art and signed by Gregory Euclide is also available (be sure to check the label’s notes about pandemic related shipping delays on the Bandcamp page when ordering).