Video Premiere: Tangible by Bruno Sanfilippo

Read the liner notes of any album released in the past 18 months and you are more likely than not to see at least some reference to the coronavirus pandemic either as context for the making of the music or directly ties to its themes. Among those in the latter category, Bruno Sanfilippo‘s Tangible offers one of the more refreshing and inspiring takes. The title is a prompt for a radiant collection of songs from the prolific Argentinian composer that encourage us to look up from the screens that absorb so much of our attention and connect with the tactile world around us both natural and human.

Society has been forced to evolve in terms of how we relate to each other, and to spend a large amount of time staring at screens. However, as the poet Pedro Salinas reminds us: You always live in your actions. With the tips of your fingers you press the world, you tear off auroras, triumphs, colors, joys: it’s your music. Life is what you touch. In this way, the album aims to evoke the strength and purity of the tangible – the experience of hugging, touching wet soil, or getting gently wet from a fine drizzle, arms open and looking up at the sky.

Bruno Sanfilippo

This idea permeates the whole album and finds expression in buoyant piano lines, silvery synths, and ethereal voices all woven into a vibrant sonic tapestry. It is as if the music is opening a door and inviting us to step through it into a bright new world. The theme is echoed in this premiere video which shows dancer Jana Grulichova moving backward through a coastal landscape to the music of the title track, tangibly interacting with the sand, water, and mist around her. It provides a moving illustration of the spirit of the music of which this is only the beginning.

directed by Aleix Font – dancer: Jana Grulichova – assistant camera: Bel Martínez

Tangible will be available from ad21 on CD & digital beginning October 1, 2021 featuring cover photography by Ximena Contreras. The album was recorded at Onix II Studio in Barcelona and was mastered by Ian Hawgood.

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