Sound Impression: Light Caught the Edges by From the Mouth of the Sun

Light is a recurring theme in the work of From the Mouth of the Sun and its two immensely talented members Aaron Martin and Dag Rosenqvist. From the name of the band itself to such songs as “Light Blooms in Hollow Space” from their 2017 masterpiece Hymn Binding or “Lost to Light” from Martin’s exquisite Comet’s Coma (Eilean Rec., 2014), it permeates their music with varying degrees of luminosity. This continues to be the case with their latest record entitled Light Caught the Edges, yet another superb outing that builds on their uniquely recognizable sound while infusing it with bright new elements and even greater warmth. The album extends the band’s very productive relationship with the Wisconsin based Lost Tribe Sound label which always presents their releases with artful bespoke packaging coupled with genuine admiration.

Despite the duo having a clear vision and a strong understanding of composition, there are no grand statements or overly academic concepts at play. This allows the music to just be what it is, moving, deep, personal.

Lost Tribe Sound

Fans of earlier FTMOTS albums will be pleased to hear that Martin’s elegiac cello lines remain plentifully present, carving ringing hollows out of cavernous spaces richly decorated with a wide range of acoustic and electronic sound sources. He has developed a unique voice through his instrument that is able to tap the deepest wells of emotion with delicate force whether offering a mellifluous soliloquy or rising to empyrean heights in a swell of swirling synths. As for Rosenqvist, the label notes that on this record he focused on introducing a stronger sense of forward motion through the use of arpeggios and subtle percussive techniques and it pays off by adding a newfound sense of impetus to the proceedings.

The icing on the proverbial cake here comes in the form of sparkling guest contributions by saxophonist Lisen Rylander Löve, percussionist Esben Willems, and pianist/composer Jakob Lindhagen with whom Rosenqvist recently collaborated on the equally impressive Stadsbilder (Time Released Sound, 2021). The result is yet another truly compelling record that stands with the band’s best work while offering delightful and surprising new turns for even their most steadfast longtime listeners.

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Light Caught the Edges is now available from Lost Tribe Sound in limited CD book edition (150 copies) along with a variety of download and streaming options. The album was mastered by James Plotkin with artwork, design, & layout by R. Keane and serves as part of the label’s “Fearful Void” subscription series.