TRACK PREMIERE: Whist by Simeon Walker

artwork by Gregory Euclide

Last autumn, we had the opportunity to premiere a beautiful song called “Captive” by pianist & composer Simeon Walker from Winnow, a record that saw him collaborating with a variety of guest musicians to create multilayered arrangements to tell a deeply personal story. Now just over a year later, Walker returns with a modest collection of four intimate solo piano miniatures recorded in his living room on the upright he learned to play on as a child. The EP, which once again features the distinctive artwork of regular artistic collaborator Gregory Euclide, represents the first in what will become a series under the name Imprints which will eventually see released on vinyl and CD.

In anticipation of the release of the first volume on Friday, you can listen here to an exclusive preview of the closing track entitled “Whist”, a reference not to the card game, but to an older usage meaning to be hushed or silent. It is a hauntingly melancholic piece in which Walker leaves ample space to let his piano breathe allowing the brush & echo of each key to be clearly heard only to decay in empty stillness of the room. The song ends on a note of lonely anticipation. Will it be requited? We can look forward to the next volume in the series to find out.

Imprints offered me the opportunity to return to my first love – the felted, solo piano that means so much to me. The pieces are shorter than I have often released – quick, fleeting moments in time, yet still, I hope, intimate enough to for listeners to imagine listening to me playing them in the context of my front room, where I make most of my music and where I feel most at home.

Imprints will be available in full on October 29, 2021. It was mixed by Andrew Glassford and mastered by Martyn Heyne at Lichte Studios, Berlin.

Links: Bandcamp | Simeon Walker

photo by Will Killen