”I see the cliffs of Duncansby Stacks.
The sea. Roaring waves
I want to descend
To be swallowed up
Become one. Become nothing
Be everything
I want to be forgotten
that I am dust”

Bråddjup is a Swedish word that translates as abyss or precipice. It is the word that musician and actor Patrik Berg Almkvisth chose for a piece recorded under his alias of LUCHS that distills a profound reflection on human fragility and mortality into three minutes of eloquent solo piano music. Framed by the words above which describe a recurring inner picture in his mind, Patrik shares that the song expresses his sense of being connected to something greater, a dissolving of self into “a universal unity”.

Born into a musical family, Patrik describes one of his earliest memories as falling asleep every Sunday under the grand piano his father was playing in church and in this piece it is not hard to imagine his youthful dreaming even as he demonstrates the skills he has acquired over the years of his musical education as well as the narrative sense he has developed in years of performing on stage, TV and the big screen. In this exclusive premiere, the song is stunningly set to video by Simon Dagman in a flowering bloom of incandescent color.

video by Simon Dagman

There is also a quote from Hamlet that has stuck with me for many years that aligns well with the essence of Bråddjup:

”Oh, that this too, too sullied flesh would melt, thaw, and resolve itself into a dew.”

In Hamlet this quote comes from a place of despair, but to me this quote can also come to life in a realm of hope. In this context it is not a wish to die or cease to exist. It is a longing for an even more intense and purposeful existence.

Patrik Berg Almkvisth

Bråddjup is now available for download and streaming via 1631 Recordings. You can find other works by LUCHS on most major streaming platforms and his own Bandcamp site.

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