VIDEO PREMIERE: Repitition by Sven Helbig

Sven Helbig is a German composer, producer and arranger with a body of work that spans many genres and geographies. He has composed orchestral and choral works for the stage, performed live electronic music in ensemble settings, and collaborated with a breathtakingly diverse array of prominent artists ranging from classical and jazz to industrial-metal, hip-hop, and pop. His forthcoming new album Skills seeks to explore a theme no less grandiose than humanity’s quest for progress portrayed through ten tracks of contemporary classical music. A self-taught composer whose career traces back to the early musical discoveries and experimentation with radios and electronics during his youth and has embraced such a broad scope, it seems a more than fitting topic for him to explore.

On the heels of debut single “Vision” which celebrates “human crafts and innovation” comes the stunning follow up in the form of “Repetition”, a piece that muses on an essential component of learning any skill. The music was created in collaboration with avant-garde sound artist Surachai and features strings performed by mondëna quartet (strings) and brass played by Jörg Brückner, Anne Grethen, Robinson Wappler, and Tom Götze along with Helbig himself on vibraphone and electronics.

Complementing the dramatic build up of the interlocking melodies and coalescing patterns created within the piece is a dazzling video created by Polish designer Ksawery Kirklewski who mixes code and generative art to realize Helbig’s vision through the evolution of a line which, after inevitable early failures, develops into a rose. The visuals not only illustrate the concept of the track, they echo the merging of classical beauty with digital elements that happens in the music. As powerful as it is beautiful, it is an audio-visual experience you will no doubt want to take in more than once.

The beautiful, complex result of repeated simple actions is a reward for a patient study.

Ksawery Kirklewsky 

Skills will be released via Berlin-based Modern Recordings on February 4th 2022. The singles “Vision” and “Repetition” are currently available for download and streaming.

Links: Listen/Download | Sven Helbig website | Ksawery Komputery