VIDEO PREMIERE: Untold by Wave of Sound & vaghy

Fusing together the sound of two artists on the vanguard of the Hungarian modern classical music scene, “Untold” is a collaboration between Andor Sanderson who goes by the moniker Wave of Sound and pianist/composer Tamás Vághy aka vaghy, a composer and pianist whose own “abandoned forest” was premiered here not long ago in parallel with phenom’enon music magazine. The song which began as a demo Andor sent to Tamás earlier this year is a multi-threaded piece that showcases the more experimental side of the duo with Andor playing bass for the first time behind a pulsing wave of synth textures, angular piano lines, and tightly interlocking melodies.

A dynamic and immersive piece like this a prime candidate for visualization and some truly striking images have been created and filmed for it by the team of M-Art Production in Brest, Belarus which you can enjoy here in this exclusive premiere viewing. Enjoy with the eyes and ears open and the volume turned up…

The song is an untold story that surrounds us, the memories we bring with us are intertwined

Andor Sanderson

The digital single is now available for download and streaming via Blue Spiral Records, an Italian label specializing in modern classical, ambient, and avant-garde music.

Links: “Untold” (digital) | Wave of Sound | Vaghy | Blue Spiral Records

photo by Rebeka Révész