Sound Impression: Basic Colours by Edward Sikorski

By his own admission, German composer & sound designer Edward Sikorski has thus far taken a relatively simple approach to his solo work born as much of impatience and practical limitations as aesthetic choice. By introducing a collaborative element on his new EP entitled Basic Colours, however, he has been finally been able to realize ideas about harmony and melody that he says he has had in mind for a while. His partners in this endeavor are cellist Sebastian Selke (CEEYS) and Philipp Friesel (guitar), each adding vital elements to accompany Sikorski’s sophisticated weave of synthesized textures with piano and reed organ.

Sikorski and his cohorts pack a great deal of subtle invention into the five tracks the album comprises while navigating a range of moods from pensive and elegiac to sprightly and playful. There is a warm burnish and depth of character to the music from start to finish, but perhaps the apex is the titular second track which is full of clever interplay and soars on the back of a flugelhorn improvisation by the guitarist’s brother Jonas Friesel. It is no wonder that Sikorski’s own notes on the album glow with satisfaction over what the group was able to accomplish.

For me, every single one of these elements represents a part of my musical preferences – a result of my listening experiences so far. Compared to the visual world, these elements would most likely be my BASIC COLOURS.

Edward Sikorski

Basic Colours has been released by German boutique label Oscarson in two very limited physical editions – CD (27 copies) and clear vinyl LP (26 copies). Digital download and streaming options are also available. In addition to his solo work, Sikorski has composed for theatre, films, documentaries and commercials and even built out his own studio space called Studio B.

Links: Oscarson (CD/LP/digital) | Edward Sikorski