Sound Impression: Layover by Emilía

What better way to ease into a new year of stationary traveling than to ride the oscillating waves of Layover by the Málaga-based duo of musician Lee Yi and visual artist Meneh Peh known as Emilía. Shifting from the uneasy ruminations of last year’s Spring Through a Window (and companion EP Pollinations) and the mournful elegies of debut album Down to the Sadness River, the new EP is a serene long form journey in two parts, a melancholic dream that rises like a thermal to be swept up in the quiet rush of a warm ambient jet stream.

Built around simple melodic phrases that ebb in tide-like cycles, there is stillness and comfort to be found in the constant circular motion. Beyond that, not a great deal needs to be said. Where you find yourself washed ashore when it ends is between you and the music.


Layover is available now as a digital release from Rottenman Editions with artwork by Meneh Peh.