VIDEO PREMIERE: A Journey Through the Particles by Valeska Rautenberg

Imagine a piano song accidentally ending up in a Berlin night club… That is how Valeska Rautenberg frames “A Journey through the Particles”, the latest single from her forthcoming EP River Soul, the third in her Songs For Piano, Wind & Water series after Veins and Into the Still White. Born in East Berlin to actor Klaus-Peter Thiele and painter Rosemarie Rautenberg, Valeska is an instrumentalist, singer, composer, producer, and teacher and the new song finds her referencing multiple genres as it grows from the gently playful clockworks of the opening piano lines to a swell of choir and strings that unfolds into a crescendo of synth driven beats and percussion.

In this exclusive premiere, you can enjoy not only the music, but a new video by Hana Pezhman using footage shot by Valeska that juxtaposes scenes from a nocturnal walk through an illuminated city with a kaleidoscopic panorama of natural life. The collagic approach works a treat as the visuals match the tempo of the music to elicit the dizzying sense of wide-eyed wonder that the song seeks to embrace.

video by Hana Pezhman with footage shot by Valeska Rautenberg

It’s a journey. A representation of our inner journey as we go through this life, from fragile moments into bursts of energy. Its ecstatic dance melting into softness of heart – exploring all facets of life – all particles.

Links: Bandcamp | Streaming & Download | Valeska Rautenberg

A Journey Through the Particles is available now as a single in advance of the release of River Soul (Songs For Piano, Wind & Water). The project was funded by GVL & Neustarthilfe Kultur.