Sound Impression: Singles Vol. 1 by Slow Meadow

Since being welcomed by Hammock in 2015 as the first artist outside the band to appear on their label with the eponymous debut of Slow Meadow, Houston-based multi-instrumentalist Matt Kidd has created an exceptionally lovely body of work a great deal of which has been released as singles and B-sides. If you were tally them all up, you would find there is at least enough material to fill up an album or two. Realizing this, Kidd and the label have taken the initiative to do exactly that.

Singles Vol. 1 features a selection of compositions recorded between 2016-2018, and while enterprising longtime listeners might be able to aggregate their own collections into a playlist with the chosen songs, they would not be able to match the stunning vinyl packaging and bespoke segues and strategic crossfades Kidd has added to convert them to what is essentially a pair of neoclassical suites that run for an immersive twenty-plus minutes each.


Side A covers pieces released between Slow Meadow‘s eponymous debut and the quasi-autobiographical Costero (“Lachrymosia”, “A Magnificent Gray”, “Absence”, and “Palemote”) while side B predominantly features works released prior to 2019’s Happy Occident (“Those Who Rush Across the Sea”, “We’re Losing the Moon”, and “Screensaver Prelude”) along with “Semolina” (2017) and the transitional “Appendage pt.1”. For new listeners, it is hard to think of a better place to start, but even those who have followed from the beginning should appreciate the cohesive beauty of hearing the music this way not to mention the premium vinyl treatment it clearly deserves.

Singles Vol. 1 is now available from Hammock Music in a choice of four different vinyl LP editions – the handmade and extremely limited Clear with Black Blob as well as Clear with Black Swirl (“Smoke”), Black, and Tan Marble.

photo by Zach McNair