Premiere: A White Gull Glides Overhead by Adrian Lane

Adrian Lane is a UK-based artists who creates instrumental neo-classical, ambient music and abstract textural mixed media paintings many of which can be found on the cover of his albums. Adrian has been in a rich vein of form lately not only with some beautiful records but also a commission by the Southend-on-Sea as part of its ‘FPG Sounds’ project which involved composing nine tracks incorporating inspired by the local area incorporating field recordings and photos.

As with his visual art, Adrian is always exploring new sonic textures and colors in his work using a wide assortment of instruments from piano, strings, and guitar to bowed psaltery, harp, and percussion often evoking a baroque or Renaissance feel tinged by melancholy and introspection. His forthcoming new album I Envy the Birds adds new elements to an already varied palette as he filters the music of a different era through his compositional lens – the English Brass Band.

Ahead of the album’s release tomorrow, take in the stately, meditative beauty of “A White Gull Glides Overhead” which exemplifies the way Lane has preserved the distinctive elements of a uniquely traditional sound while imaginatively transforming into something that feels nostalgic and timeless all at once.

The palette of sounds on this album is quite different for me, as I usually build tracks around piano or strings and this has neither. I wanted to explore the sounds of the brass section, which I feel is rarely done in the neo-classical genre. I imagined the sound of the typically English Brass Band, often heard in traditional bandstands, re-contextualised to give a more melancholy, cinematic feel.

I Envy the Birds will be released May 30, 2022. The album was mastered by James Edward Armstrong, aka Slow Clinic, and features a cover painting by Adrian himself.

Links: Bandcamp | Adrian Lane Art & Music

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