PREMIERE: Unfolding by Diana Yukawa

Since her debut album with BMG RCA at the age of 14, violinist Diana Yukawa has dazzled audiences at globally renowned venues such as Royal Albert Hall and the Hollywood Bowl and engaged in a wide range of collaborations from distinctive artists like Jeff Beck and Nitin Sawhney to orchestras including the Royal Philharmonic. Readers of the blog may recall her work alongside John Foxx and Ben Edwards (aka Benge) as part of Ghost Harmonic on their excellent 2015 release Codex (read the ST review here).

Spirals is Diana’s highly anticipated sixth solo album which she says is informed both by the global pandemic and her own personal lockdown experience where she chose to temporarily step back from music and focus on family life, motherhood and adapting to life in the English Cotswolds where the Tokyo-born and London-raised artist moved 7 years ago to start a family. The music came together during a period that spanned a pair of pregnancies, those of her first two children, and Diana indicates that motherhood was a major factor in its inspiration.

While the album will not be available until the end of September, we do have a tantalizing preview of the music in the form of the new single “Unfolding” ahead of its release on Friday. As expressive as ever with her violin, Diana weaves a fervent melody line across a textured sonic landscape and rising tide of intricate beats, imbuing the song with an earnestness of emotion that is deeply felt and achingly beautiful.

Everything in life inspires my music though, from the big things, like becoming a mother for the first time, moving away from London, to the small everyday happenings. Music is a form of therapy for me, I find it so healing to be able to put everything in my mind and heart into music, because so often words can’t convey or hold true to what’s going on – so music is my outlet.

Diana Yukawa

Spirals will be released on September 30, 2022 on Diana’s own Longbody Music label. “Unfolding” will be available as a single this Friday (Aug 5).

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