PREMIERE: Resurfaced by Jakob Lindhagen

An award-winning composer, music producer and multi-instrumentalist based in Stockholm, Jakob Lindhagen is known for combining the piano with less conventional instruments and other sound experiments on both his studio material and his award-winning film scores. On his first solo album since 2017’s Paces (1631 Recordings), Lindhagen draws on these techniques to conduct a musical exploration of memory that is both personal and intimate. Working with German brother-duo Sebastian and Daniel Selke (aka CEEYS and Brueder Selke) and longtime artistic collaborator Sofia Nystrand (aka Vargkvint), Memory Constructions offers a spellbinding blend of neoclassical and ambient motifs built around a foundation of piano compositions that provide the narrative framework.

Our memories play such a huge part of our identities, yet they are extremely unreliable, change and fade over time, and are easily influenced and manipulated. And yet I couldn’t help myself also finding beauty in the fact that I both completely trust and distrust my own memories, that make up who I am. So, digging from these slightly contradicting feelings, and from where my own memories are either constructed, fading, forgotten, rewritten, made up or completely true, this album was conceived.

Available here in an exclusive premiere, the album’s second single entitled “Resurfaced” showcases the full range of the album’s instrumental palette. It bristles with a subtle tension wound tight by processed vocals, accordion, kantele, and glockenspiel that finds release in a sudden gallop of staccato strings, swirling synths, and resounding piano lines. Something deep and powerful has been summoned to create what is arguably the most dramatic passage of Memory Constructions, a bold stroke that adds depth and contrast to the introspective mood that otherwise pervades the album.

Memory Constructions has been supported by the Swedish Arts Council and will be released on September 23 via Piano and Coffee Records both digitally and on limited edition vinyl featuring artwork by Sofia Nystrand with design & layout by Celia Bayo.

Links: Bandcamp (LP/digital) | Jakob Lindhagen | Piano and Coffee Records