Premiere: Paean from Imprints 2 by Simeon Walker

In the autumn of 2021, Simeon Walker launched his Imprints series of solo piano miniatures designed to capture the authenticity and presence of his felted piano and provide a vehicle for the Leeds-based pianist & composer to present his music in what he considers its purest form. Walker is poised to release the second volume of the series this spring with a new quartet of pieces meant to explore “the liminal spaces between faces, places, songs and sounds”. The project gains a unifying visual theme as well with the cover art once again provided by the inimitable Gregory Euclide.

Walker’s method and vision for the project is crystal clear. Care is taken in both the composition and performance of the songs to “allow the melodies, the resonance and the closeness of the instrument to come to the fore”. The brush & echo of each key can be heard and is given room to breathe. In this setting there is no room for anything but honesty in every note.

The pieces on ‘Imprints 2’ afforded me the opportunity for gentle experimentation with time signature changes, exploring the full register of the instrument, and continuing my commitment to only play what feels necessary to convey the meaning and nature of the music.

The first single from the album, “Paean”, is presented here in quite a striking setting. Walker shot his performance of the song amidst the rippling grasses of Saddleworth Moor in England’s iconic Peak District. The contrast of the blazing tawny gold against the sullen gray sky is echoed in a scene that conveys contentment and optimism as well as isolation. With quiet defiance, Walker carves out a beautiful moment of peace in this untamed landscape.

I am always seeking to present my music in its most authentic form, and the ‘Imprints’ series allows me to embrace this aspect of my creative output.

While Imprints 2 will receive a digital release on March 17, 2023, a special vinyl edition is planned, which will combine both volumes 1 & 2 and will be available to pre-order soon. Walker will also be touring his ‘Imprints’ series extensively throughout the year, prioritizing rarely utilized spaces, venues & locations with the intention of making each performance a collaborative, one of a kind live experience.

Links: Bandcamp | Simeon Walker