Sound Impression: Friede by Linda Rum

Berlin-based musician & songwriter Linda Rum has had a multi-faceted career spanning folk, pop, and post rock often taking center stage with her powerful vocal presence, but on her new album Friede, the only voice we hear is that of her piano. This, where are told, is where it all began for Rum with her classical training going as far back as the age of six, and the sense of calm & comfort she derives from the instrument is what she seeks to capture in this lovely collection of intimate vignettes which marks her debut on the Moderna Records imprint.

These pieces are an invitation to breathe deeply, to find a sense of inner peace, and to provide companionship.

Video: David Faßbender

It would be hard to overstate just what a charming debut it is. The songs are short – none longer than three minutes and some measured in seconds – but the melodies are sweet, exuding both a tenderness and a gently cinematic quality that gives them a succinct narrative thrust. Gracious and unobtrusive, yet sure-footed in its musicality, Friede makes for fine company indeed.

Links: Bandcamp (digital) | Linda Rum

Friede is available as a digital release from Moderna Records. The album was mastered by Thomas Haahr and features original linotype artwork by Bethan Clarke.