TRACK PREMIERE: Tides by Deepriver

Deepriver is a recently formed intercontinental project from Jason van Wyk, based in Cape Town, and Joni Ljungqvist, based in Stockholm. With Volume One set for release next month on n5MD, the two musicians open a new chapter in a long history of collaboration dating back over a decade. The project, which Van Wyk subtly hinted at in our interview with him back in the fall, also marks a shift from their explorations of the introspective side of trance music toward a more ambient sound rooted in dense atmospherics and cinematic composition.

Van Wyk’s recent viscerally experimental direction seamlessly coalesces with Ljungqvist’s conceptually reflective approach in a way that recalls the sounds and nostalgia of electronic music from decades past.


The sonic world they have created for the record is lush and enveloping, inhabited by fluid melodic shapes and teeming with interesting textures which can be found glistening on the surface or submerged in deep strata. Get a taste for yourself with this exclusive preview of “Tides”, the album’s opening track and next single.

Links: Bandcamp (LP/digital) | n5MD Store | Jason Van Wyk | Joni Ljungqvist

Volume One will be released on June 16, 2023 by n5MD in a limited clear vinyl LP edition as well as digital download & streaming. The album was mastered by Ian Hawgood and features cover art by collage artist Karen Lynch (Leaf and Petal Design).

Photo credit: Nanje Nowack