“He who does not travel, who does not read, who does not listen to music, who does not find grace in himself, she who does not find grace in herself, dies slowly.” –  from Die Slowly by Martha Medeiros

About the blog:

Thank you for visiting!  Stationary Travels is a blog based in Richmond, Virginia. It is a place to discover, share, and talk about great instrumental music from all over the world – music that tells stories without words and that takes you somewhere other than where you are currently sitting or standing. The scope of coverage embraces a variety of predominantly instrumental genres such as experimental ambient, drone, field recording, modern composition, post rock, emotional electronica, acoustic, and original soundtrack. Whether you are seeking inspiration & energy, peace & relaxation, or just something new and beautiful, hopefully you will find it here.

You can expect frequent posts featuring noteworthy songs, album streams, and videos as well as news of upcoming releases, album reviews, and extensive links to help you find artists, labels, streams, podcasts & more.  I will also seek to feature photography and graphic arts that fit the overall theme of the site. If you ever want to suggest a link or find one that is broken, please drop me a line at StationaryTravels@outlook.com.

You can also access our featured playlists right here on the site as well as specially curated mixes available on the Stationary Travels Mixcloud channel.

About the banner images:

The banner  images on this site are currently courtesy of  Russell Sherwood Photography. Russell is based in the spectacular Isle of Skye and specializes in fine art and creative landscape photography.  You can see a much wider range of Russell’s work and professional services on Facebook or at http://www.skyescapegallery.zenfolio.com\ or perhaps you might even get a chance to visit his gallery or take on the scenic Harlosh peninsula loop road near Dunvegan. It is certainly on my bucket list!

About the name:

Where does the name Stationary Travels come from? It was inspired by the title track to the 1984 release Stationary Traveller by Camel, whose albums were seminal in my appreciation for instrumental music and how it can create atmosphere, tell a story, and convey emotion without any words.  Andy Latimer remains one of  my favorite guitarists, both as a player and a writer.

– Brian




  1. Hi Brian- Sure missing ST on Spotify, but value the ST BLog and guidance toward good new music. Russ Sherwood’s wonderful photos are now on interpretive panels we have designed all over Scotland- thanks to you. Hope all is well with you – David

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  2. Thanks for all the great mixes, Brian. Really helpful for me to get in a different headspace when I’m writing. I find I’m often skipping back on some songs because of the mood they evoke. Keep up the great work!


  3. Hi Brian, found your site purely by accident after searching for a review of ‘Dear Avalanche’ by Lights & Motion and have got immersed in your Blog and now listening to your playlist on Spotify. Its so great to find a site with an appreciation of this type of music and associated themes. Thank you


  4. Cheers from India! I have had a fantastic, life-saving experience listening to the stuff you’ve brought together here. Thanks a ton, you are doing amazing work here and you should never stop. Thanks again and lots of love. 🙂


  5. Hello and cheers from Canada – found you on soundcloud and clearly you’re on a similar vibe. Thanks for all the leads on gorgeous music. Glad I’ve found you. Have a good one brother!

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  6. Hi,

    My name is Dan Armstrong and I’m 1/2 of the UK electronic ambient music production team known as Confluent Phase. The other member is ambient artist, Simon Matthews (Tales of Ten Worlds, also involved with Cryostasis)

    I’m contacting you with a query about submitting material for review.
    We’ve got a small non-exclusive licensing deal with Resonant Music in the U.K. and are being released on Lee Norris’ new label “Fantasy Enhancing” later this year. He’s also responsible for the TXT label.

    We’re now looking to secure some reviews from well-respected blogs – hence getting in touch with you.
    Can I send you some links?

    Kind regards,


    Confluent Phase
    @confluentphase (Facebook, Twitter & instagram)


  7. Hello I’m trying to reach l’Anson (Hugh Carswell) on Jura. I’m about to published (wordsindeed.ca) a book that has a chapter on his aunt, the gifted violist An Mines, and want him to know. Many thanks! John Parry


  8. Thanks for your kind words on my blog, and the link to here…. I’ll be back for sure. This site is a treasure trove… J


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