Circumambient is the music curation and streaming project of Thomas Mathie, also known for his excellent Headphonaught blog and weareallghosts netlabel. Thomas kindly invited me to submit a guest mix which his now available on Mixcloud, iTunes, and the Circumambient web site.

Circumambient 015 is a particularly introspective mix of organic ambient and modern classical pieces from some of my favorite recent releases. The common threads running throughout the mix are the tactile and human elements which I think lend immediacy and emotional impact to the music now matter how quiet – wood, metal, ivory, fiber, dust, hands, voices, or urban sounds. I hope you enjoy it.  And please follow Thomas blog and podcast for much more great content.

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Featured artists: Siavash Amini / Lucy Claire / Twincities / Leah Kardos & Ben Dawson / Off Land / Harnes Kretzer / Maxwell August Croy & Sean McCann / Richard J. Birkin / Row Boat / Halo